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While attributes are the six main values that define how the character is being built, there are a bunch of secondary statistics that are calculated by the main ones.

These statistics can derive from attributes themselves or generated and improved by certain items, or temporary affected by skills.


Defines the amount of actual damage that the character can sustain before being defeated.

Health is reduced based on received damage that passes through other defences and represents the ultimate resource for a character to be alive.

Health is affected by Toughness value.


Defines the natural hardness of the character, reducing incoming damage.

Resistance is a sort of natural armor that participates with regular armor in reducing incoming damage that passed through the other defences before being applied on Health.

Resistance is affected by Toughness value.


Defines the quickness with which the character moves and acts, reducing action points cost for several actions.

Speed slightly reduces the action cost for several actions during dungeon exploration, but doesn't affect in any way the combat mechanics of hitting and damaging.

Speed is affected by Agility value.


Defines the ability to evade incoming attacks of different forms, actually reducing incoming damage every turn.

Evasion denies a small amount of damage each turn, unless that kind of damage is capable of passing Evasion itself. Evasion is the first for of defence applied when available.

Evasion is affected by Agility value.


Defines the amount of expendable resource used to activate and mantain active skills.

Energy is reduced every time the character uses it to cast skills and is normally replenished at an average pace during dungeon exploration.

Energy is affected by Will value.


Defines the strength of the magic shield protecting the character from damage.

Deflection absorbs a portion of incoming damage before shattering and letting it go towards armor. It is normally replenished at a slow pace during dungeon exploration.

Deflection is affected by Will value.