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Welcome to the Dungeonline Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the dungeon crawler hack and slash turn based role playing game known as Dungeonline!

This wiki is mantained both by the developers and the community, so feel free to leave your contribution where needed!

Quick Start

Feeling lost? We all are at start, but here you can find a useful tour through what you need to know for a good start in the game.

Just click here already to begin your magical journey to the world of Dungeonline!

About Dungeonline

Dungeonline project started in the glorious year 2017 and it's currently in a pre-pre-pre-embional-pre-alpha stage. There is currently no game to be played or tested, just a bunch of code lines and a lot of brilliant ideas.

Dungeonline is a free to play mix between roguelike and hack and slash, packed in a turn-based system with dungeon exploration and combat.

In this game you take the role of a brave adventurer looking for monsters, treasure, fame, glory, magic, insert-something-an-adventurer-wants-here, and so on.

You are the only one setting the real final objective for your adventurer. Maybe you want him or her to be the stronger one, or the most famous, or to marry a king? Maybe you are just after that unique artifact? Or are you trying to slay the ancient beast everybody talk about?

The world of Dungeonline will evolve around you, based on players decisions, nations will be shaped, races will be obliterated, powerful wild magic will be unleashed. Do you have the guts to embark on this adventure?

Game Features

Dungeonline comes from a merge of different genres and already existing games, trying to balance different mechanics to give fun to different kind of players. But mostly the game revolves around randomically generated dungeons and the turn-based exploration system that allow the character to explore and beat them.

Here's a list of key features existing in (or planned for) Dungeonline:

  • Free to play
  • Character races (planned)
  • Character class tree (planned)
  • Combat skills (planned)
  • Random dungeons (planned)
  • Turn-based dungeon exploration and combat (planned)
  • Dungeons with scaling levels (planned)
  • Random monsters (planned)
  • Random loot (planned)
  • Crafting (planned)
  • Quests (planned)
  • Guild system (planned)
  • World evolving through player decisions (planned)

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