Dungeonline Wiki

The Game

Dungeonline is a mix between roguelike and hack and slash, packed in a turn-based system with dungeon exploration and combat.

The game flow is designed so that every character has a limited amount of time to be spent on adventuring each real day, ensuring that players with less time to spend are not too much disadvantaged compared to players who can spend their whole days online.

This guide will provide you some starting information so that you can move your first steps in the game without too much confusion.

Character Creation

You are the player, the character will be your avatar in the game, exploring dungeons, killing mobs, looting stuff and so on. Usual classic stuff every good adventurer would do.

Creating a character means chosing a name, a sex and a race. Characters start all very similar and only through experience and advancement they will differentiate their class, skill set and equipment.